Karri McPherson


Interrelation Series

Interrelation Series

Artist Statement by Karri McPherson

At the start of 2019 I commenced a Bachelor of Creative Art (Honours) at the University of Southern Queensland. During my degree I began to question the aesthetic and conceptual limitations historically imposed on the medium of painting by both art institutions and society at large. My practice quickly began to focus on The Expanded Field of Painting, and more specifically, the abstract two-dimensional limitations imposed on conventional painting. Within this body of work, titled Interrelation Series, I created installations that contested these limitations by expanding painting beyond its conventional limit of the canvas edge.


Within this series, canvases were installed atop wall paintings, causing the works to be perceived as objects rather than flat surfaces. These artworks encouraged a slippage to occur between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space as the painted surface expanded over the edge of the canvas and onto the wall. 

Interrelation Series has been involved in several exhibitions throughout Australia, including its selection as a finalist in the 2019 Emerging Artist Award at Fortyfive Downstairs in Melbourne.

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