TradeMutt is a social enterprise work wear company founded by two Aussie tradies. Their vibrant work shirts are designed to start conversations about mental health and make an invisible issue impossible to ignore.

This geode-inspired print was designed to communicate that although you may be in a high pressure work and/or home life situation, you can always start a conversation about it -

and hey, if you do you're a bloody gem.

Pressure maketh the diamond.



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In 2021, Karri collaborated with Melbourne-based Berjique Jewellery to develop a range of limited edition earrings. Karri painted miniature triangles on three canvases that were then masterfully cut and resin-coated by Siobhan from Berjique. She transformed these pieces into fantastic wearable artwork's which were available for purchase in late 2021.




Peter osborn

In February 2019, Australian artists Peter Osborn and Karri McPherson collaborated on a public mural in the rural Queensland town of Warwick. Although their art practices are stylistically different, this unlikely duo developed an eye-catching mural unlike any other in the region. The pair worked simultaneously over three days to deliver an intuitive artwork that showcased each individual's artistic diversity, whilst highlighting their ability to produce a single cohesive large-scale mural. 

This mural is located at the Bluebird Kitchen and Steakhouse on Palmerin Street, which is also home to another of Karri's interior murals painted in early 2020.

Thank you to the Regional Arts Development Fund for supporting this project.




These takeaway coffee cups feature limited edition Art Series designs and aim to promote the arts community. Karri was selected to create a digital design inspired by gemstones for this collaboration, and her cups were distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand in 2017 and 2018.


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