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Karri McPherson

Karri McPherson (b. 1995) is a contemporary painter and muralist currently based in Queensland, Australia. She is undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Art (Honours) at the University of Southern Queensland.

The Field Guide, Toowoomba

Picture courtesy of The Field Guide (Toowoomba).

Within her murals and wall paintings, Karri explores geometric art in relation to different spatial confinements. These hard-edged compositions seek to break down the boundaries of perception by actualising geometric forms in various settings and on various surfaces. By exploring this, her large-scale paintings aim to celebrate the power of geometric art by infusing communities with the timeless beauty of shape, form and colour. Each mural is site-specific and responds to unique characteristics from each location; this allows each mural to celebrate a locations’ individuality by reflecting elements from its surrounding environment.

First Coat Festival (2017), Toowoomba.

Karri's easel works explore similar compositions to her wall paintings, however, these works strive to challenge the preconceived spatial limitations of the canvas edge. She achieves this by visually distorting the surface through manipulating characteristics on the picture plane to make the work appear dimensionally ambiguous. To create these geometric configurations, Karri applies multiple layers of paint in numerous tonal variants to encourage some sections to appear luminous or translucent. This visual ‘translucency’ creates an illusion of depth, challenging ideas about the limitations of the canvas surface.

Karri's Studio (2019), University of Southern Queensland

Karri has been involved in over forty exhibitions throughout Australia and the United States, including her selection in twelve finalist exhibitions. She has been awarded two prizes: the Emerging Artist Award at the University of Southern Queensland graduate exhibition in 2017 and the 2018 Biennial Emerging Artist Award, where her work was acquired by the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.

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