Karri McPherson


“A point is a small bit of colour put by the artist on the canvas. It is neither a geometric point nor a mathematical abstraction; it is extension, form, and colour. This form can be a square, a triangle, a circle, a star or something more complex. The point is the most concise form, but according to its placement on the basic plane, it will take a different tonality. It can be isolated or resonate with other points or lines."

- Wassily Kandinsky

The Field Guide, Toowoomba

Picture courtesy of The Field Guide (Toowoomba).

Karri McPherson (b. 1995) is a contemporary painter and mural artist based near Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. She has recently completed a Bachelor of Creative Art at the University of Southern Queensland, where she successfully graduated with First Class Honours.

Within her mural work, Karri explores the capacity that art has to transform interior and exterior spaces. Specialising in hard-edge geometry, Karri creates vibrant compositions that explore the power that geometric art has to infuse communities with the timelessness of shape, form and colour.


Each of her murals are site-specific, responding to unique characteristics from each location. This allows each mural to celebrate a locations’ individuality by reflecting and incorporating elements from the surrounding environment.

Geometric Configuration (no. 1), Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

Created as part of the 2019 NEON Festival.

Karri's studio work explores similar geometric compositions to her murals, however, these works address conceptual ideas regarding the preconceived limitations associated with the medium of painting. By exploring The Expanded Field of Painting, her studio work addresses the validity of traditionalist painting values by drawing attention to the space her works inhabit. In doing so, her painting's reject the inherent flatness typically associated with canvas painting.


Karri is currently exploring the deconstruction of other existing narratives that have historically positioned painting as separate to other art forms. By challenging conventional painting parameters, her painted installations generate a revised perspective on how the medium is characterised.

Spatial Construct (no. 2), 2020. Installation View.

As part of the 2020 Brenda Clouten Memorial Travelling Scholarship,

Maitland Regional Art Gallery, NSW.

Karri has been involved in over forty exhibitions throughout Australia and the United States. Throughout her career, Karri has been awarded three major prizes; the Emerging Artist Award at GraduArt (USQ) in 2017, the Biennial Emerging Artist Award at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery in 2018, and the 2020 Brenda Clouten Memorial Travelling Scholarship at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery. With her travelling scholarship, Karri plans to embark on several residencies throughout Europe during 2022.

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