­­­­Abstract art enables communities to perceive beyond the tangible; it is an exploration into the unknown.


Photo courtesy of The Field Guide (Toowoomba).

Karri McPherson is a contemporary Visual Artist based in Canberra, Australia. Her distinctive geometric art practice spans various mediums including painting, murals, illustration, graphic design and public art. Karri completed a Bachelor of Creative Art (HONS) at the University of Southern Queensland graduating with First Class Honours in early 2020. Her work is heavily inspired by art movements such as Hard-Edge Painting, Cubism, Pop Art, Colour Field Abstraction and Swiss Graphic Design. 

Karri's explosively colourful geometric work explores a variety of styles, forms and concepts. Her iconic murals can be found all throughout the East Coast of Australia, stretching from Brisbane to Canberra, and she has three murals located in the United States. Her vibrant murals infuse private and commercial spaces with positivity and warmth through her skilful use of shape, form and colour. Karri meticulously curates her designs to compliment and enhance each individual space, focusing on the unique geometric features and architecture of each location.


Geometric Configuration (no. 1), Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

Created as part of the 2019 NEON Festival.

The aesthetics of our environments have been proven to greatly influence our emotions and behaviour. By integrating bold colours, playful patterns and precise shapes, Karri's paintings embellish homes and businesses with contemporary, eye-catching murals that add a unique edge to each space. She uses hard-edge, architectural forms overlaid with linear patterns to connect the urban and natural environment, often creating multi-dimensional visual spaces that serve as a metaphor for the interconnected ways we relate to places and to one another. Her dynamic artwork emphasises rhythm and movement and the visual interaction between shapes reflects an active and engaging interaction between people and wider communities.

Karri has worked with many clients to create statement murals that are both on-budget and on-brief. Her paintings serve as a reminder that we share a universal human experience and that together we can process encounters, find connections and create meaningful impact through the experience of abstraction.

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