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Karri has been involved in various projects beyond her studio practice and mural work. These projects include company collaborations, public installations, and graphic design.

Several of her most prominent projects have been featured below.

Otherside Brewery

Perth, WA

In 2022, Karri was invited to design a label for the Creative Release: Headliner IIPA for Otherside Brewing Co. based out of Perth, Western Australia. 

"A clean, classic west coast double IPA, featuring three dank and fruity American hops. Brimming with tropical fruits both on the nose and tongue from a considerable dry hop."


Spatial Radiance

Maitland, NSW

'Spatial Radiance' is Karri McPherson's first illuminated public art installation. This installation is made from recessed aluminium LED lights and is inspired by the 20th Century Dutch art movement De Stijl. This artwork was made possible thanks to the Creative Streets After Dark project funding from the Maitland City Council. 

'Spatial Radiance' is located on Church Street in Central Maitland and is on display until 2023.

Proudly funded by the NSW Government.jpg

Wayfinding Signage

Sydney, NSW

In early 2021, Karri was approached by Marrickville Metro and invited to design backdrops for over forty 'way-finding' signs throughout the large shopping centre in Sydney's inner West. This was Karri's first large-sclae digital design collaboration and is one of her most prominent projects to date.


Street Library

Lane Cove, NSW